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At Well Suite, we believe there’s a better way to heal our bodies physically, emotionally, and spiritually than the traditional ways we’ve been taught. A natural way to restore your health and wellness, our infrared sweat method and ionic cleanses detox the body of the harms we encounter every day. Well Suite combines the benefits of sweating, infrared heat, and ionic cleansing with ultimate relaxation! 

Red Light Therapy

Our infrared sauna with red light therapy is best for spot treating areas of the body that are sore, tight, enflamed, or recovering. This sauna gets your circulatory system pumping and leaves you feeling rejuvenated!

Himalayan Salt Therapy

For centuries, Himalayan Salt has been used as a natural remedy. As the salt heats up in the sauna, it releases its ions into the air to be breathed in or rubbed on the skin. It is beneficial in relieving respiratory problems, skin issues, colds, and allergies!

Ionic Foot Detox

This treatment is increasingly popular in the natural healing world. Toxins are pulled out of the body by the negative ions being released into the water reacting with the positive ions of the toxins. The water your feet soak in changes colors and consistency throughout the duration of the session, which tell you the type of toxins being pulled!

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